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All About Almazaya's Student Achievements

Al Mazaya High School students often participate in various competitions both in academic and non-academic fields. One of them is the English debate competition. The English debate competition itself has various objectives including making students more open minded, increasing self-confidence in public speaking, increasing knowledge and improving critical thinking skills. In addition, the English debate can certainly improve students' English skills.

On April 10, 2019, Al Mazaya High School sent a team, namely Charoline Putri Ichwan as the first speaker from X Social, Belinda Zabrina Lailani as the second speaker from X Science, and Affan Ramadhani Adjfarisi as the third speaker from X Science. This English debate competition was held at SMAN 2 Banjarmasin. The day before the competition, a technical meeting was held at SMAN 4 Banjarmasin, where the technical meeting was represented by the accompanying teacher, Rahma Anjarwati, S.Pd., Gr., Who was familiarly called Ms. Rahma.

During the technical meeting, an explanation of the debate system that used, a list of motions to be discussed, until dividing participants into rounds. The debating system used in this debate competition is the Asian Parliamentary system, where when the team's preliminary round is divided into 8 rounds, which are attended by 15 teams from various Public and Private High Schools in Banjarmasin and will be judged by judges from SMAN 1 Banjarmasin, SMA PGRI 1 Banjarmasin and SMAN 4 Banjarmasin.

Al Mazaya High School Team itself will fight a team from Kanaan High School in the first round with a motion THW punish people who spread as a terrorist hoax. Al Mazaya's high school team explained various opinions related to motions from an affirmative point of view.



Entering the 21st century, there are 4 skills that must be possessed by each student. The first is critical thinking and problem solving, in this case students are required to be able to solve the problems faced which begin with compiling, expressing, analyzing and solving problems. Then the ability to communicate, collaborate and creativity and innovation. In addition to the teaching and learning process in the classroom, in enhancing 21st century skills can also be obtained through debate, where in debates, students are required to be able to analyze problems, process information obtained to be an argument that is delivered briefly, clearly and densely.

This year, Indonesian debate competition was held at SMAN 5 Banjarmasin. The competition was attended by 22 teams from various public and private high schools in Banjarmasin which will be divided into 11 rounds. The winner of the Indonesian debate competition will represent Banjarmasin in the province level. In this competition, the system used is the Asian Parliamentary system. Where the team consists of government and affirmative teams, each of which has 3 members. In this system, each team member is given 7 minutes to explain their argument and starts from the first speaker from the government team.

In this debate competition, Al Mazaya High School sent a team consisting of Wafa Lettysia Gianti, Fitria Azzahra Rezeqi and Istiqla Faiha, all of them from the XI Social class. Al Mazaya High School Team got eighth place and got the chance to fight the team from MAN 1 Banjarmasin with a motion "That the government requires civil servants as neutral state apparatus in elections". With the motion, the Al Mazaya High School team had the opportunity to become a government team and MAN 1 Banjarmasin team became an affirmative team. Before entering the debate time, each team was given the opportunity to case building for 15 minutes. This debate competition uses a ranking system and the Team from Al Mazaya High School is ranked 10 out of 22 teams.




Two students of Al Mazaya High School, Amiza Qorina and Prista Oksarnalia, who were both from the X Science class successfully got achievements in Story Telling competition province level that held at SMAN 5 Banjarmasin on January 19, 2019.

This story telling competition was attended by around 20 participants, representing public and private High Schools in South Kalimantan. In its implementation, this competition didnt have a specific theme that must be chosen by the participants. Before the competition was held, the participants were given a list of the titles of the stories to be presented and selected the one on the list and then prepared a story script that would be presented on the day  the competition held.

Amiza won 2nd place through the Snow White story she delivered during the competition. Whereas Prista chose Malin Kundang's story which succeeded in taking her to become the 1st winner in this competition. A pride for Al Mazaya High School because it has very talented students in the field of storytelling. Because the story telling competition itself aims to develop the ability of English-language stories by conveying stories verbally in front of the public and can also develop the ability to convey stories verbally and smoothly, with proper grammar and vocabulary and speech, and intonation that is proper and clear.

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