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Al Mazaya Islamic School is a non-government school that has three big points in developing the education system. There are Islamic Studies, English and Technology.

Islamic Studies, focusing on prayer (wajib and sunnah), al qur’an (murajaah and tahfidz) and the application of akhlaqul qarimah.

On English side, focusing on English skills of the students on listening and speaking sides. Students are expected to use English in daily conversation. The news and information delivered to students all are using English.

Students are learning by using their tablets and they use e-books as their handout. All the files are transferred using wifi in every classroom. The students are also learinng using smartboard that has more feature then the ordinary board.

Beside those big points above, Al Mazaya Islamic School also has great infrastructure to support the idea of International Class.



  • H. Taufik Hidayat, MM
  • Hj. Sri Erliani, MM, M.Mkes


Our Programs

There are some programs which run well and become the appeal and characteristic of SMP Al Mazaya Islamic.


  • Tahfidz

Every student who joins in Al Mazaya Islamic School must be able to read and memorize Al Qur’an. There is target that student has to fulfill and it is supported by all the teachers.


  • Super Camps

Al Mazaya Islamic School has a program that grows the student independence and confidence. Al Mazaya provide the students four camps to join in, they are Islamic Camp, English Camp, Science Camp and Maths Camp. In the camps, students will learn in different and fun way. There will be unique project in every camp as well.


  • Enrichment and Club

Enrichment program helps the low level students to upgrade their knowledge and skills to catch up and let them not left behind.

Club program keeps and maintains the high level students to develop and sharpen their knowledge and skills. This program also prepares the students to join any competition.


  • Basarnas

Basarnas stands for Badan SAR Nasional. In this program, students learn about life skill that helps the students to be able to control their feeling in tight situation and know what to do. First year students learn about safety in the height and the second year students learn about safety in the water.


  • Translation

Al Qur’an translation is held for the teachers before the teachers transfer the knowledge to the students. The aim of this program is to enrich the knowledge about Al Qur’an and also to develop the Islamic side of the students.


  • Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship program is an annual program from SMP Al Mazaya to develop the skill of the students in entrepreneur side. On the first year, students sold food that they offered it to their friends and also the parents who took the report progress from their children.


  • Extracurricular

This program provides the students’ needs and also as the medium to relax their mind and fulfill their hobby of sport and art, such as basket, table tennis, badminton, futsal, drum band, Saman dance, etc.


  • Overseas

This program is for second grade of Al Mazaya’s students. The students will choose the place they parents approve. The options for this year are Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Banjarmasin itself.




Badan Narkotika National (BNN)

BNN is an organization that concerns about prevention, elimination and misappropriation of drugs and addictive substance.


Kepolisian Daerah (Polda)

Polda is Regional Police that the position is under the National Police. The police officers help the people to solve the people problems and also remind the vehicles to be safety on the road


Badan SAR Nasional (Basarnas)

This organization helps the people to know what to do at the tight situation. How to give the first aid and how to treat people in a defective condition because of disaster.

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